Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York


Pike Fair Haven 2004
Port Bay 2004
Oswego River 2004
Sandy Pond 2004
Oneida Lake 2004
Redfield 2004
Owaso Lake 2004
Skaneateles Lake 2004
Club Classic 2004

Welcome to our 2004 previous tournaments home page.

From here you can visit our tournaments for 2004. Just click on the links on the left for each tournament.

The list below is to help you find tournaments by dates.

In 2004 we fished

Pike in Fair Haven on May 8th

Port Bay on June 20th

Oswego River on June 27th

Sandy Pond on July 18th

Oneida Lake on August 1st

Redfield Reservoir on August 15th

Owasco Lake on August 29th

Skaneateles Lake on September 19th

Club Classic was held at Sodus Bay and Fair Haven Bay on Oct 9th & 10th