Good Ole Boys Bass Club of CNY

Our membership is located in several counties surrounding Syracuse, NY.  Every year we hold our tournaments on the beautiful waters of New York State.  We are affiliated with B.A.S.S. and NYS Bass Federation.

2018 Good Ole Boys Tournament Schedule is posted on our Tournament Schedule Page!!                          


Bell and Lakota triumphant at Port Bay.  The two won the teamed up in the clubs last regular season points event for 2018.  The duo weighted in 20.37 pounds of smallmouth bass with a 5.01 kicker!!


Don Bell edges out the competition on Sandy Pond and takes 1st Place with just .07 pounds over 2nd Place.  Don had 5 largemouth that weighed 16.26 pounds!!

Don Bell 16.26

Don Bell 16.26

Bill Kays dominates the 4th points tournament of the season. Bill winning bag weighed 17.68 pounds, anchored the Bass Pro Shops Big Bass – 4.95 pounds!!

1st place Bill Kays - 17.68

1st place Bill Kays – 17.68

Kevin Schneider crushes Sodus Bay largemouth.  Kevin took 1st place with 19.50 pounds!! This was the 3rd points tournament of the season.

1st place Kevin Schneider - 19.50

1st place Kevin Schneider – 19.50

Mike Dixon crushes the largemouth on Cayuga Lake to take the win in our 2nd points tournamnet of the season.  Mike had 16.25 pounds and Bass Pro Shops Big Bass – 5.42 pounds!!


Mitchell Jones takes the win on the Oswego River!! This was our 1st points tournament of the season.  Mitchell had 13.01 pounds!!


Sam Van Horn take home the victory from Cross Lake, our 2nd paper tournament of the season!!  Sam had 13.58 pounds with a 5.7 pound kicker large mouth.  See more of the results on the Tournaments page.

Sam Van Horn - 5.7

Sam Van Horn – 5.7

Chris Sperling wins the first tournament of the 2018 season on Cayuga Lake with 17lb 7oz.  Our next tournament is June 3rd at Cross Lake.  The complete schedule can be seen by clicking on the Tournament Schedule tab.


The Good Ole Boys Bass Club will be making a change to its tournament format for the 2018 season.  We will be moving to a PRO/AM format.  What does this mean?  There will be two divisions, boaters and non-boaters.  Boaters will be competing against boaters and non-boater competing against non-boaters.  Each angler weighs up to 5 bass for his/her total weight.  We will continue to have pre-tournament draws, pairing a boater with a non boater.  Both divisions will have guaranteed payouts.  It was voted to structure the payout as follows:

If we have 6 or more non-boaters in a tournament:

1st Place Boater –                35% of total purse

1st Place Non-Boater –       25% of total purse

*If Non-Boater has the heaviest 5 fish limit of both divisions, they will be given 35% of total purse and 1st place Boater will be give 25% of total purse*

2nd Place Boater –               20% of total purse

2nd Place Non-Boater –      10% of total purse

3rd Place Boater –                10% of total purse

Big Bass will be awarded to the heaviest bass weighed for the day.


If we have less than 6 non-boaters in a tournament:

We will fall back to paying the first 5 places plus Big Bass

1st Place Angler –                35% of total purse

2nd Place Angler –                25% of total purse

3rd Place Angler –                20% of total purse

4th Place Angler –                10% of total purse

5th Place Angler –                10% of total purse

Big Bass will be awarded to the heaviest bass weighed for the day.

We are always welcoming new members to the club!!! Contact us if you are interested in joining for the 2018 season. You don’t need a boat, lots of non boater opportunities available.

  To contact us e-mail us at or

                                           mag proof 5-17

Please also visit our sponsors who have stood by us in both good and bad economic times:

Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

Mustad Hooks

The Professor Wilson Frazier

Bill Saiff’s Westview Lodge and Marina

Lucky “E” Strike Lures

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Our club was the recipient of the following New York State Bass Federation Awards:

Youth Club Award 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012

Conservation Award 2010, 2013

Media Award 2010,

Club of the Year Award 2010,2012

NYS American Fisheries Society Award 2011

At the end of each tournament we will post our winning technique on the tournament page, so please check back frequently.

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