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Port Bay 2009
Cross Lake 2009
Oneida Lake 2009
Cayuga Lake 2009
Kasoag Lake 2009
Redfield 2009
Skaneateles Lake 2009
Club Classic 2009

Welcome to our 2009 tournaments home page.

From here (when we get fishing) you can visit our tournaments for 2009. Just click on the links on the left for each tournament.

Date                 Place                            Launch

Northern / Walleye Pike (non-points)

May 2nd            Owasco                Emerson Park Launch

 Bass (paper, non-points)

May 17th         Otter Lake             Campground  Launch

 Bass (paper, points)

June 7th           Port Bay              State north Launch                                  

 Bass (points tournaments)

June 20th           Cross Lake               Marina  Launch (Saturday))

 July 5th          Oneida Lake                River Rat Marina                                        (Sponsored by River Rat Marina and Tackle)

 July 26th          Cayuga Lake          Union Springs Launch

 August 9th      Kasoag Lake                  Launch

 Aug 30th      Redfield Reservoir        Redfield Island Launch  (Sponsored by Venom)

Sept 13th     Skaneateles *        State Launch       (Sponsored by Mustad)

 Classic Weekend (2 days)

Sept 26th          Sodus Bay                 Bay Bridge (Saturday)

Sept 27th         Fair Haven                 State Launch

Early Bird Tournament (points 2010)

Oct 18th         Port Bay                        State North Launch 

*Team Tournament

Federation & Jr Tournaments

May 9th  (SAT)    GOB Juniors  (7am-12)       Oneida Lake

May 19th (Tue)   GOB Juniors  (6-9pm)         Onondaga Lake

June 6th (Sat)    GOB Juniors (7am-12)         Onondaga Lake

June 16th (Tue) GOB Juniors (6-9pm)           Oneida Lake   

        Our club needs to provide boats for the above Junior Events.

June 21            Federation                      Lake George

July 12th           Federation                      St. Lawrence

July 18th           Jr CTE 6 man event         Onondaga Lake

July 19th          Jr World Qualifier           Oneida Lake

Aug 8th            Junior Partners               Oneida Lake

Aug 22st-23th    Federation CTC              Oneida Lake

Sept 13th          Federation                      Cayuga Lake