Take a Soldier Fishing Day

Take a Soldier Fishing Day was held this past Saturday at Oneida Shores Park. It was a great event as a way to give back to the soldiers who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. Every soldier received fishing bait, hooks, reels, and rods from Bass Pro Shops in Auburn. There was also an awesome BBQ from several BBQ teams. It was a great day and everyone had a great time.





All the rods that were donated by Bass Pro Shops!



Club members John Woods and Dick Hyde were in charge of handing out rods.





The weather was a little chilly with overcast conditions. However, little to no wind provided excellent conditions out on the boats!



IMG_236410264948_4056538067406_5561175924695792494_n                                 The BBQ was smoking all day before the weigh in! Looks good!



One of the many boaters who volunteered for the day. Both soldier and boater look like they’re having a good time. Photo courtesy of Tom Presnell.



1920953_10203589396484689_36714907037906534_o                             Everyone is all smiles on this boat! Photo courtesy of Tom Presnell.

1800314_435669149910995_1929665666001170886_n                       Everyone was due in at 1pm to weigh the fish they caught. Since bass, walleye, and pike are out of season they were able to bring in panfish, drum, carp, bullhead, and bowfin. Photo courtesy of Paul Hudson.

IMG_2375                                          Many of the soldiers brought in BIG drum.

1890636_10203589445245908_5761221623829524368_o                                             This big carp went for over 24 pounds.

IMG_2376                                                 New leader in the Panfish category!

IMG_2384                                      Great crappie brought in by one of the soldiers.

IMG_2395                                                        First bowfin of the day!

IMG_2399                          Later in the weigh in another big drum was brought to the scale.

IMG_2404Two soldiers from the same boat brought in two drum that were nearly the same weight!

IMG_2408                                                           Another giant drum!

10245541_435669196577657_5706856427868226182_n                                                                    Time to eat!

1498011_10203589390444538_4891421290692595531_o                       Several prizes were given out to the soldiers. This soldier (left) won a new pair of sunglasses.



Club member Joe Valerio (far right) with the two soldiers he took out on his boat today.

1063927_10203589444085879_9112531362325123077_o                     Club member JJ Elmer (center) with the two soldiers who took out fishing today (left).