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GOB Bass Club By-Laws

Good Ole Boys Bass Club Constitution and By-Laws Article One: Name This organization shall be called the Good Ole Boys Bass Club hereinafter referred to as “the club” or GOB. Article Two: Purpose This club is organized to promote fishing for bass through organized tournaments, youth and conservation activities, fellowship and friendship. Article Three: Membership The GOB Continue reading the story "GOB Bass Club By-Laws"

Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. RULE CHANGE: The following tournament rules will remain unchanged, except for special tournaments. These rules are in effect for designated practice day(s), as well as tournament day(s). Interpretation of these rules shall be left exclusively to the Tournament Director in conjunction with the Tournament Committee (referred to as Tournament Director hereafter). Rules have “loopholes”, however the “spirit of the rule” will apply in Continue reading the story "Tournament Rules and Regulations"