Sodus Bay 10/20/13

Sodus Bay

Sunday, 20 October, 2013

P1010074We  launch out of a marina on the south side of the bay.  The wind was coming out of the south 10 – 15 mph.  In the picture above you can see the lake effect rain clouds.


This is our early bird tournament which counts as points towards our 2014 tournaments.  We began out tournament at 7:30 AM.  The morning temp. was in the mid 40’s.  With the wind blowing it made fishing a little more difficult.

P1010084The colors of the trees were fabulous as fall progresses along.  It felt good with the sun shining.  After fishing 7 hrs. we came off the water at 2:30 PM.

P1010090Each anglers’ fish are weighed.  The fish are then released alive back into the bay.

P1010094Just out of the money, T.J. Church with 9.44 lbs

T.J. received a gift card, compliments of our sponsor Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

P10100955th Place, Don Bell with 10.34 lbs

P10100964th place, Fred Blom with 11.52 lbs

P10100973rd place, Jeff Botting with 12.13 lbs.

P10100982nd place, Tom Church with 13.19 lbs

P10101001st place, Bill Kays with 15.81 lbs.


Big Bass, Duane Poole (with his son Noah) with 4.95 lbs.

Duane received a gift card, compliments from our sponsor Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY