Redfield Reservoir, May 20, 2012

Redfield Reservoir

May 20, 2012

     This is our first tournament of the year. This is a paper tournament, which means that all fish caught are measured and then released to be caught another day. Those bass that are over 12 inches in length, are recorded on paper and count towards that anglers catch of the 5 best fish.  At this point it is legal to fish for bass, however it is not legal to keep them in a live well for weigh in later on.

The boats are in the water, ready to go.  A sunny day with the air temp. starting at 54 degrees and working to a high of 88 degrees by the time we came off the water.  This is the first time we have fished this body of water so early in the season.  The water level was high, clearer than we have seen in past year.

Tom Hudson and Andy Sanefski

Paul Hudson with a nice 16 inch large mouth bass

Bill Peck and Kevin Schneider working the water

At the end of the day, the best 5 fish over 12 inches was totaled for each angler.  The angler with the best total won 1st place.

3rd place, Jack Wilson III

2nd place, Tom Hudson

1st place and Big Bass, Mitchell Jones

Unfortunately we did not get the winning technique.