Owasco Lake, June 10,2012

Owasco Lake

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Owasco Lake is located approx. 3.5 miles south of downtown Auburn,NY.

This is our second paper tournament of the year.  A paper tournament allows us to catch our bass, measure them and return them to the water.  The boater and non-boater records each others measurements.  In another week it will be legal to keep 5 fish in our live-well.  Our point tournaments will begin soon.

Weather conditions:  Launching at 6 AM, winds out of the south 10 mph.  Water temp. 64 – 67 deg., wave height 6 – 12 inches air temp. 68 deg..  Rain, cloudy.  By 10 AM wind subsided, sunny, water flat by the time we were off the water at 1 PM air temp 83 deg..

Don Bell and Dave Donhauser

Paul Hudson with a 17 inch small mouth bass

using a 3/8 oz. texas rigged venom “sweet dreams”, roadkill color with a Mustad # 4/0 hook. Caught in 8 feet of water.

Mitchell Jones and Tom Church

Nolan Edwards and Jeff Botting in background

5th place, Fred Blom (on right) 66.25 inches

4th place, T.J. Church (on left) w/Bill Kays Tournament Director

72.75 inches

3rd place, Kevin Schneider, 75.75 inches

2nd place, Tom Church, 82.75 inches

1st place, Nolan Edwards 94 inches total

Bass Pro Big Bass 20.25 inches

sponsored by Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY

How did Nolan do it?

Using hand poured smoke colored gobie on a drop shot in 5ft or less of water, Nolan caught is limit of fish.  Congratulations Nolan!