CPL. Kyle R. Schneider remembrance tournament on Oneida.


A young man once said, it’s my turn to make a difference, that young man was Kyle Schneider. Kyle gave his life fighting for and defending the country that he loved. Without men like Kyle, we would not have what we have today, freedom. Sometimes we forget how fortunate we are and we overlook the little things. The United States of America is the home of the free because of the brave. We are all truly grateful for our men and women in the armed forces who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe at home. If you have a chance go to their website and donate your time to read Kyles’ story by clicking the link at the right. CPL. Kyle R. Schneider.com

IMG_3207Our sponsor for the tournament was NationWide insurance. Thanks to Matt for volunteering his time and coming out to help the weigh in!

IMG_3194There seemed to be a touch of fall in the air as we prepared for take off. Morning temperatures were in the 50s but would warm to mid 70s by weigh in time.

IMG_3195Jeff Botting prepares for take off


IMG_3209Mr. and Mrs. Schneider greeted our club members with pizza as we got off the water. Some of the top finishers today would earn a CPL. Kyle R. Schneider shirt as well as some sauces that the family makes. IMG_3197

Duane Poole weighs in over 14lbs of Oneida Lake largemouth.

IMG_3201Anthony Talarico would only weigh in 2 bass today. The tournament proved to be tough on many anglers.

IMG_3205While we waited for the results, Mrs. Schneider and Dick Hyde worked the lure draw.


IMG_3214Just out of the money with a little over 7lbs was Jake Wilson. Just out of the money is provided by Bass Pro Shops in Auburn.

IMG_3215Kevin Schneider would finish the day in 5th place.

IMG_3216JJ Elmer takes 4th place fishing as a co-angler today.

IMG_3217John Woods takes 3rd place with a little over 12lbs of bass.

IMG_3219Bill Kays takes 2nd place and might have just locked up Angler of the Year.

IMG_3220Bill also wins big bass. He has won big bass 6 of the last 7 points tournaments.

IMG_3221Duane Poole takes first place. Great job, Duane!