Sandy Pond: August 3rd, 2013

Sandy Pond

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sandy Pond is our mystery lake.  The concept behind the mystery lake is that until Tuesday evening before the tournament no one other than the tournament committee knew where the lake would be.  The tournament was also held on Saturday so that anglers would either not have a chance (or less chance) to pre-fish this body of water.

This was also our team tournament where the weakest angler is paired with a stronger angler.  We use this to help pass along information between anglers in the boat to which will make them a better angler.

With a cold front coming through the day before, there were white caps on Sandy Pond which made fishing a little difficult on this small body of water that is on the east end of Lake Ontario.

Sandy Pond 31st place Jack Wilson II and JJ Elmer

Sandy Pond 22nd place John Woods and Duane Poole

Just out of the Money

Jeff Botting and Dave Donhauser

Bass Pro Gift Card to each of those winners

Sandy Pond 4Big Bass Jack “Jake” Wilson III

Jake received a gift card from Bass Pro Shops of Auburn

We want to thank Jeff Botting for stepping in to take photos at the end of the tournament.  However when it came time to take a photo of Jeff and his partner, the gentleman shooting the picture was not as adapt at taking photos as he thought he was.  Jeff was also instrumental in getting our new banner for us.  We would like to publicly thank him and Oswego Printing for their fine work.