Little Sodus Bay, Sept. 9, 2012

Little Sodus Bay

Fair Haven, NY

Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012


As we begin to wind down our season, we fished Little Sodus Bay which is located along Lake Ontario.  We usually fish this body of water which has large mouth bass and allows our anglers to have access to other nearby bays for fishing and Lake Ontario for small mouths.


Weather:  The day before a large cold front came through dumping a large amount of rain.  Today the air temp. was 58 deg.F., with a light wind coming from the Southwest.  As the day progressed the weather would go from cloudy, to sunny, to rainy and then repeat itself.  By the end of the tournament it was sunny, 68 deg. F.,wind out of the Northwest at approx. 10 mph..  Water surface temp. was 70 deg., water went from a light ripple, to calm, with then a 4 – 6 inch chop at the end.

With the sun rising later on in the morning we blasted off at 7 AM.

Boats on the water, waiting for “blast off”

Don Bell and Bill Peck, checking in





This bay can be so beautiful anytime of the year.

A look from the South end of the bay towards Lake Ontario

However, when the weather wasn’t sunny, it could be very rainy, cloudy and cold.


Not sure if this was a funnel cloud forming. We watched it get bigger and then it eventually dissolved back into the cloud


Another look at our “funnel cloud”

Jack “Jake” Wilson III and Jeff Botting fishing







At 2 PM we came off the water, brought our fish to the weigh in station, alive.  The fish were then weighed and then released back into the bay alive.  The winners are:

Big Bass, sponsored by Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

Tom Church @ 5.01 lbs.

Just out of the money (6th place), sponsored by:

Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

Duane Poole @ 12.51 lbs.

5th place: Jack “Jake” Wilson III @ 12.91 lbs.

4th place: Bill Kays @ 13.78 lbs.

3rd place: T.J. Church @ 15.15 lbs.

2nd place: Joe Valerio @ 15.50 lbs.

1st place: Tom Church @ 18.07 lbs.

Unfortunately, the webmaster was “asleep” when it came to finding out what Tom used to catch this large bag of fish.