Henderson Harbor, NY July 29, 2012

Henderson Harbor

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sponsored by: Bill Saiff’s, Westview Lodge and Marina


This was the first time our club ventured out on the waters of Henderson Harbor, NY.  Located off Lake Ontario and only 11 miles west of Rt. 81, we were pleased to fish these waters and have the sponsorship of Westview Lodge and Marina.   We were extremely pleased with the lodging, restaurant, and the marina.  Our club looks forward to returning to the waters of Henderson Harbor and our friends at Westview.

We launched at the town ramp and then motored over to the Westview Lodge.  This is our first of two partners tournament of the year.  This allows a weaker angler to partner with a stronger partner, ideas exchanged and it is a great learning opportunity.

We began our tournament in front of the at 6 AM.  The weather was excellent, starting air temp. 61 degrees, variable winds 3 – 9 mph NNW to NNE, partially cloudy with temp. reaching 81 deg. by the time we got off the water at 1 PM.  The surface water temp. was 73 – 75 deg., waves approx. 1 ft and diminishing to a slight ripple by the time we got off the water

Andy Sanefski with a 3.8 lb small mouth bass

 Tom Zedick ( L to R) and Tom Church working the waters.




When finished we dock our boats and begin the weigh in at our sponsors location:  Bill Saiff’s Westview Lodge and Marina

The weigh in begins, Guy Cromp and Dick Hyde with a 5.8 lb small mouth bass

Just out of the money, Anthony Merritt and Fred Blom

sponsored by:  Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY

3rd place:  Joe Valero and Don Bell

2nd place:  Bill Kays and Thomas Merritt; 14.72 lbs.

1st place:  Tom Hudson and Kevin Schneider; 15.63 lbs.

Big Bass:  Dick Hyde and Guy Cromp; 5.80 lbs

Sponsored by Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY

How did first place team of Hudson and Schneider get their winning bag of fish.  By using either a drop shot (Gulp Alive, purchased at Bass Pro) or a finesse worm rod in 5 – 10 feet.

Once again we would like to thank our Henderson Harbor tournament sponsor.  Bill Saiff’s Westview Lodge and Marina for their hospitality, along with their donations to our tournament!