Fair Haven, Sunday October 28, 2012

Fair Haven

Early Bird Tournament for 2013

Sunday, October 28, 1012


As the name applies this is what we call our early bird tournament.  What this means is this tournament allows our club anglers to get an early start on the season for 2013.  Late October can be a real treat when the weather is nice, however today the weather was not the greatest.

 Today we fished at Fair Haven (waters also known as Little Sodus Bay).  We launched out of  Fair Haven State Park, which is approx. 16 miles South West of Oswego, NY.


We fished from 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM.  The weather was as follows: air temp. 45 – 48 deg. F., wind out of the NNW at 10 – 20 mph.  It rained either a light drizzle to a down pour the entire time the club was out on the water.  Water temp. was 55 – 58 deg. F. with 1 ft. waves.  Once again testing the endurance of the fishermen.


The weather was so bad that no one wanted to get their cameras wet and damaged.


Sponsoring Big Bass and Just out of the Money

Big Bass and Just out of the Money (6th place) sponsored by

Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

 We will post the winners shortly.