Club Classic, Day 2, Oneida Lake, October 14,2012

Club Classic

Day # 2

Oneida Lake

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is day # 2 of our two day classic event.  Day #1 was on Owasco Lake.  Today we are on Oneida Lake, a lake that is noted for it’s diverse fisheries. This lake has seen a number of different tournaments on it from the NYS Bass Federation,  Take a Soldier Fishing,” Walleye tournaments, local bass clubs and the Bassmaster Elite Series Pro’s fishing.

Unlike day #1 on Owasco with the weather cold and sunny, today on Oneida Lake the starting temperature was 52 deg. F., wind was blowing out of the East, with rain.  Water temp. was 52 – 54 deg.F.  With the wind coming out of the east waves were 1 – 4 feet in height, once again making fishing and boat handling difficult at times.

One of the tournament boats in a bay, escaping the wind and the waves

We blasted off at 7:20 AM and returned at 2:30 PM.

Boats returning after a hard day of fishing

Jack “Jake” Wilson III and Jack Wilson II (son and father) with the tournament committee zeroing the scales and waiting for the catches to be weighed.







After the fish were weighed they were release back into Oneida Lake to be caught by other anglers at a later date.  The winners of our two day event on Owasco and Oneida Lake are:

Just out of the money, sponsored by Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY

Ron Vanbenschoten @ 12.11 lbs.

Big Bass sponsored by Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY

Bill Peck @ 3.62 lbs.

4th place: Joe Valerio @ 12.47 lbs.

3rd place: Bill Peck @ 16.91 lbs.

2nd place: Andy Sanfeski @ 20.29lbs.

1st place: Kevin Schneider @ 20.65 lbs.

How did Kevin get his winning bag you might ask?   He was in 30 – 35 feet of water braving the wind and the 1 – 4 foot waves, using a drop shot with a Berkley Gulp 2 inch white minnow, purchased at Bass Pro Shop of Auburn, NY.

3rd place Bill Peck (and Big Bass) used a Keitech 4 inch shiner on a drop shot in 10 – 14 feet of water.

Our Top Anglers for the Year Are!

Joe Valerio, Angler of the Year, Boater Division

Andy Sanefski, Angler of the Year, Non-Boater Division

Our six anglers who will represent our club next year at the NYS Bass Federation Club Team Championship.

Three from the boater division.


Joe Valerio, Angler of the Year, boater division

Bill Kays

Tom Church

Our top 3 Non-Boater Anglers

Andy Sanfeski, Angler of the Year, Non-Boater Division

Kevin Schneider

Jeff Botting

We wish all of our anglers the best as we end the 2012 season!