Club Classic, Day 1 on Owasco Lake, October 13, 2012

Club Classic

Owasco Lake

Day 1

Our club classic is a two day event.  To fish this event, you have to be a member of our club and have fished five regular season points tournaments.  This year we started day one on Owasco Lake.  Owasco is a few miles south of Auburn, NY and is one of our smaller finger lakes.  It’s clear waters contain a variety of fish.

Traveling south out of the outlet towards the lake. That is the mist that you see in the background rising from the lake.

The fall can be beautiful in central New York.  However a recent cold front came through.  Launching at 7 AM we blasted of shortly after and fished till 2:30 PM.  With the starting air temp. was 29 deg. F. with a wind out of the south reported at 7 mph (felt more like 10 – 15 mph at times)  The skies started out clear with clouds moving in later on.  The surface water temp. was 51 – 55 deg. F., waves from 1 -2 feet.  All of these conditions “tested the metal” of the boaters and co-anglers.

Joe Valerio with his back to the camera. Trying to navigate the trolling motor, fish, and stay warm. Multi tasking at it’s best

Leaves are changing, The mist rising off the water, beautiful surroundings if it just wasn’t so cold






Although it did warm up to a balmy 52 deg., between the wind and the water temp. it stayed cool.  The sun shinning down on us felt good.

Tom Church and Jack Wilson bundled up as they fish

Jack Wilson III and Jack Wilson II ( part of the tournament committee) begin weighing the fish.






Needless to say it was tough fishing out on the waters.  But some anglers had good luck.

Fred Blom with a 4.55 lb small mouth bass taken from Owasco Lake


Paul Hudson with a couple of small mouth bass

John Woods with a nice small and large mouth bass






Hopes are high for day 2 on Oneida Lake, where the two day event will finish on Sunday.

Fred Blom with Big Bass @ 4.55 lbs.

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