Cayuga Lake 6/28/2014

Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, NY

The First points tournament of the year was sponsored by Bass Pro Shops of Auburn, Ny.

This was our first weigh in of the season as Cayuga was tough on most of the club. However, TJ Church brought in just over 14lbs to win the first points tournament of the year.

IMG_2766With two other clubs going out of Union Springs today, the launch was a very busy place.


IMG_2774Fred and John take off into the morning.

IMG_2775Billy Harris was one of the first to weigh in. Here he is with a few nice largemouth.

IMG_2785Anthony Talarico won this event last year, but was only able to bring in 3 fish this time around.

IMG_2777Duane Poole shows off his giants!

IMG_2778Just out of the money was Connell Raate! (pictured is Coach Kays)

IMG_2779Fred Blom takes 5th place.

IMG_2780Don Bell takes 4th place with 12.11lbs!

IMG_2781Coach Kays takes 3rd place! He also had big bass of the day!

IMG_2783His big bass was just a hair under 5 pounds.

IMG_2782Mike Dixon takes 2nd placing fishing as a Co-Angler.

IMG_2784TJ Church takes first place with just over 14lbs!