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Oneida Lake Water Chestnut Weed Pull, August 2012

Oneida Lake

Water Chestnut Weed Pull

This conservation program is sponsored by Salt City Bassmasters of Syracuse, NY.  Oneida Lake is located a few miles north of Syracuse, NY.  This year water chestnuts were found in some of the bays of Oneida Lake, so manual clean-up of the weed was started.

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Port Bay, August 5, 2012

Port Bay

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Located along Lake Ontario, North of Wolcott, NY we began our tournament at 6 AM and fished for 7 hrs..

Weather:  Our starting air temp. was 79 deg. F. with the wind at 12 - 20 mph from the South. Air temp. coming off the water, the air temp. 88 deg.. Cloudy with brief Continue reading the story "Port Bay, August 5, 2012"

Henderson Harbor, NY July 29, 2012

Henderson Harbor

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sponsored by: Bill Saiff's, Westview Lodge and Marina

  This was the first time our club ventured out on the waters of Henderson Harbor, NY.  Located off Lake Ontario and only 11 miles west of Rt. 81, we were pleased to fish these waters and have the sponsorship of Continue reading the story "Henderson Harbor, NY July 29, 2012"

2013 Standings

2013 Standing

2013 A

Standings July 8 2013


Oneida Lake, July 8,2012

Oneida Lake

Sunday, 8 July, 2012

We launched from Godfrey Point and began our tournament at 6 AM.  The weather was cloudy, air temp. 61 deg., wind 5-10 mph SW, waves 1-2 feet.

After a few hours the wind and the waves became minimal, only to have the wind pick Continue reading the story "Oneida Lake, July 8,2012"