Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Skaneateles Lake

Saturday June 17th 2006

Finally, we picked a day this year the weather was good. It was raining and foggy at 5:00 a.m., so we delayed the take off until 5:30 when it was safe to run down the lake.

Aaron Sheldon is fishing for watermelon

The first two hours was rain, wind and cloudy, but then the wind died down and the sun came out bright.

Dick Hyde and Garret Kinney

If you have never fished Skaneateles Lake, try it some time. The water is beautiful, the fishing is fine, and the homes around the lake are primo.

Ryan Smith and Brooks Wright.

(What is that tin thing doing floating in front of that home???)

We fished until 12:30. pulled the boats and started our weigh-in in the parking lot.

Ryan and Eric are set up waiting for fish to come to the weigh station.

A limit catch is in the bucket

Although the smallmouth bass in the lake are smallish, there are plenty of them. Most of the anglers reported boating as many as 50 fish each during the day, culling out the smaller ones to get their 5 biggest to enter.

Chris Cartwright and Connell Raate takes up space

(Connell takes up lots of it !!!!!)

After all the fish are entered and released alive, the awarding of prize money takes place.


Garret Kinney takes 5th,


                    President Tom Hudson finally takes some cash home

                 i f he doesn't spent it at Bass Pro first)

Jack Loughrey presents the money.


Eric Wilsey takes 3rd 


                  Dick Hyde takes 2nd

And first place goes to Aaron Sheldon with 5 fish weighing in at 11.87 pounds



Aaron also had the big bass for the day with a 3.43 pound smallmouth.

Congratulations Aaron, good job and nice fish.

We also would like to thank the NYS DEC for having a "primo" launch on the lake, and the Skaneateles Constable for keeping the launch area un-congested. Between us getting out of the water, and all the weekend boaters trying to get in, he had his hands full today.