Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Port Bay

Sunday July23rd 2006

The day broke with a brilliant sunrise, light winds and everyone ready to go fishing.

The start of a great day.

The fishing was quite hard today. Beside our club, there was another club fishing here in Port Bay, and a third club fishing out of Fair Haven and some of them ran down here.


Chris Cartwright and John Nye working the docks  


     Tom Hudson comes to the assist of Ryan Smith

The picture of Tom Hudson helping Ryan Smith get his motor running is a fine example of how our club is. Tom, a retired auto mechanic, took time out of his fishing day to get Ryan's big motor running. There is not one of our club members that would not help out another member in trouble. This includes even sharing a "hot" lure or technique during the tournament.


Bill Kays and Vern Robinson doing just fine. 


        Dick Hyde has just netted a fish for Bruce Mulholland

Besides the three clubs fishing today, there was a very large club that had launched close to 50 boats yesterday at Sodus Bay. How many of them came here to Port Bay???


Everyone gathers around to enter their fish..

We fished until 1:00 p.m., pulled the boats, and started our weigh-in at waters edge.

Everyone reported that they had caught and released many 11 3/4 inch bass today. This is a good sign for fishing in the future.

After all the fish are entered and released alive, the awarding of prize money takes place.

Dick Hyde from Bass Pro Shops awards the IM8 Graphic Rod to Eric Wilsey.

The Bass Pro store in Auburn has generously donated IM8 Graphic rods and Bass Pro hats to be awarded to the angler that finishes just out of the money (6th place) each week. This week Eric Wilsey gets the rod and hat.


Brad Rogers takes 5th place.


       B ill Kays takes 4th place.

                                                   Treasurer Chris French presents the money.


Ryan Smith takes 3rd place


  Tom Hudson takes 2nd place.

And first place goes to Chris French with 5 fish weighing in at 11.54 pounds. A great weight for the fishing pressure that the bay has had this weekend.

Ryan Smith awards Chris French 1st place.

Congratulations Chris, This is getting to be a habit

Ryan Smith takes big bass with a 3.63 pound largemouth.

(Sorry, there were many bass that were very close in weight,

and Chris had released his bass before this picture was taken.)

And now, how did Chris do it again this week.

Chris worked a "Bobby's perfect frog" (available at Bass Pro) over the duck weed that has blown up all along the shore line of the bay. You can see that this frog is pretty well chewed up. Time to spend some of that prize money at Bass Pro Chris.!!!!!!!