June 16th 2019 – Little Sodus Bay – First Points Tournament

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On June 16th 2019 the #Goodoleboysbassclub took to the waters of Little Sodus bay. Little Sodus is a bay on the southern part of Lake Ontario. With all the rain we have had, all the bays of lake Ontario are above flood stage. We used the launch at Fair Haven State Park. With speed limits reduced to 5 mph we modified our format to give anglers 30 minutes after blast off to get to their fishing location. Lines “IN” at 7:00, Lines “OUT” at 2:00. Then 30 minutes to get back to the ramp for weigh in. After all the fish were brought to the scales, Justin Salisbury took the win with 16.07 pounds.
Kevin Schneider took Big Bass honors with a 4.87 pound small-mouth

1st Place Boater Bill Kays – 13.58 pounds

1st place Bill Kays - 17.68

2nd Place Boater – Jake Wilson – 11.59 pounds


3rd Place Boater – Kevin Stone – 11.42 pounds


1st Place Co-Angler – Justin Salisbury – 16.07 pounds


2nd place Co-Angler – Jack Wilson – 14.47 pounds


Big Bass – Kevin Schneider – 4.87 small-mouth



Salisbury, Justin(5)16.07

Wilson, Jack(5)14.47

Kays, Bill (5)13.58

Schneider, Kevin (5)13.49

Parker, Wayne (5)12.16

Wilson, Jake (5)11.59

Stone, Kevin (5)11.42

Metot, Jon (5)9.90

Hudson, Tom (5)9.69

Bell, Don (4)7.6

Curcio, Jon (3)7.04

Cromp, Guy (3)6.00

Woods, John (2)5.52

Buffa, Jesse (3)5.05

Doane, Matthew (2)4.56

Eddy, Gabriel (1)1.48

Golden Plunger Awards (New this Year)

John Woods and Gabe Eddy