Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Sodus Bay

Sunday, September 18th  2011

Sunrise, and the boats are getting in the water.

Sodus is our seventh points tournament for the 2011 Season. It's time to make the final move before the classic.

Dave Donhauser looking for the first one of the day.

And what a great day to go fishing.

Jeff Botting and Bill Kays in the bay.

Everyone reports that they caught bass, although there were a lot of sub-legal (under 12") fish.

Dave Donhauser and Paul Hudson.



Ron VanBenschoten and Kevin Schneider

At 2:00 p.m., everyone returned to the launch, and we started de-watering the boats.

The scales are set up and the tournament committee is ready for fish.

The fish start to arrive.

After all fish are weighted in and released, it's time to award the winners their prizes.

Nolan Edwards take the BB Award with a 4.37 pound Largemouth. His grandson helps hold the fish.

Again this year, Bass Pro is sponsoring our big bass award, know as the Bass Pro Big Bass Award.  Bass Pro is donating a $ 25.00 gift certificate which is added to the big bass pay out.

Connell Raate wins the Bass Pro Just out of the money award with 9.92 pounds.

Bass Pro also sponsors the Just out of the money award, 6th place, which is a $20.00 gift card to Bass Pro Auburn.

5th place goes to Evan Interlichia 11.03 pounds

4th place goes to Mike Merz 11.84 pounds

3rd place goes to Fred Bloom with 12.81 pounds

2nd place goes to Tom Church with 13.12 pounds

And first place goes to Nolan Edwards with 14.24 pounds

Sorry, but we did not get a picture of the winning lure this week, but there were quite a few nice bass caught today.  Below is some of the bass that came to the scales today.  Enjoy.