Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Sandy Pond

Sunday, July 31st  2005

Blast off time was 6.00 am, and it was just another great day.

Eric Wilsey and Tom Hudson

At first light, the fish were hitting on the surface, but only in a few spots. Here, boater Tom Hudson and non-boater Eric Wilsey work the south end of the pond and had 3 fish in the live well already.

It gets crowded on the rock pile.

As the sun came up, jig and pig was the lure of choice. Here we see how close the boats work together when some fish are found. Counting my boat, you can see 5 boats in this one shot, and there were many more around us.

Dick Hyde "culls" a 2 1/2 pounder

Dick Hyde had found a "pile" of fish right off, and soon he had many friends helping him catch fish. Dick, like all of our members, has no problem in letting other fishermen fish around him. By the time that I took this picture, he had just over 16 pounds in the live well.

At noon we all returned to the launch site to weigh in our fish.


Brad Rogers holds up two of his fish. Both 4 pounders

Bruce Mulholland and Jeremy Hutchinson takes second place.

This was our second "team" tournament this year, so we only pay 2 places. Second place went to the team of Bruce Mulholland and Jeremy Hutchinson with total weigh for 5 fish of 13.33 pounds

Dick Hyde and Brad Rogers take 1st place with 17.65 pounds

First place went to the team of Dick Hyde, and Brad Rogers, plus they took big bass with a 4.01 pounder.

Congratulations Dick Hyde and Brad Rogers

For our "team" events, we match up the boaters and non-boaters with each other depending on their standings the week before the tournament. The highest standing boater with the lower standing non-boater, and then down the list, so that the lowest standing boater then ends up with the highest standing non-boater. They share the weight and points. This format really evens out the field.

Dick Hyde from Bass Pro presents the rods to the third place team.

Bass Pro has generously donated a rod for the first team just out of the money, Today that prize went to the team of Jack Loughrey and Paul Hudson. They each received a Bass Pro rod.

Big Bass for today went to Dick Hyde with a 4.01 pound bass. This picture is of his partner Brad Rogers holding up two of the 4 pounders that they caught today.

How did Dick and Brad do it?

Dick ran right up onto a school of fish feeding on the surface bright and early in the morning, and started by working surface lures. Although they missed most of those fish they stayed there all day, and switched over to Jig an Pig by 7:00 am, and was working in the 8 - 10 foot of water. That presentation hooked them all of the big fish.

He worked this Bass Pro 1/4 oz Enticer blue and black jig, with a blue and black Ugly Otter trailer, and ended up culling many fish. Dick Hyde works at Bass Pro in Auburn. he will gladly show you the jig and trailer that he used. Look him up in the tackle dept.