Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Owasco Lake

Auburn, NY

Sunday July 11th 2010

The day started with a slight south wind  putting up a little chop on the water, as the day progressed, the lake became calm

The boats are launched.

At 6:00 A.M. blast off, then we spread out all over the lake.

Guy Cromp and Kevin Haley

This is one of two "team" tournaments that we hold during the year.

Tom Church and Tom Hudson

The tournament committee assigns the teams by matching up, so far this year by points, the top boater with the non-boater with the lowest points, and so forth until the lowest ranking boater is matched with the highest ranking non-boater. 



By "teaming up" the two members this way, each team should be equal going into this tournament.


Dick Hyde getting ready to be pulled out after a day of fishing

The "team" then fishes for their best 5 fish. Then each member of the "team" is assigned the same number of points which count for the "angler of the year" standings.

Ron VanBenschoten brings his bag of fish to the scales

We fished until 1:00 p.m.. pulled the boats and started our weigh-in in the parking lot.

Joe Valerio with his small mouth bass

As the boats come out of the water, members gather around to get their fish weighted. Then the fish go to the weigh-master to get the teams total weight, after which the fish are released alive back into the water.

After the weigh-in, the prizes are awarded.

Bass Pro has generously donated $20 Bass Pro gift cards, too the team that finishes "Just out of the Money", and today that award goes to the team of Mike O'Hara and Fred Chiffullo

Joe Valerio is awarded the Bass Pro Big Bass award which is a $25.00 gift card plus cash for catching a 4.86 pound largemouth.


The team of Ron VanBenschoten and Frank Doll takes 3rd place.

 The team of Edward Nolan  and TJ Church takes 2nd place.

And first place goes to the team of Tim Fitzgerald and Joe Valerio.


Now, how did Tim and Joe do, by using a surface lure near the weed edge.