Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Oneida Lake

Sunday, June 24th  2007

We moved our launch to Brewerton Boat Yard because Oneida Shores boat launch had 4 other bass clubs launching from it. We also moved our blast off time up to 5:30 a.m..

Boats are ready to leave launch site.

Off into the sunrise.

It was just another great day to be fishing. The last three days the wind was blowing from the west up to 30 mph, so we were all happy to see that the lake had laid down during the night.

Frank Doll and Connell Raate somewhere in the lake.

Lance Barnes and Jack Loughery there also.

With the wind blowing from the west the last three days, the water temperature dropped 8 degrees, making the bass quite lethargic. 

Tom Hudson and John Nye.

Chad Acome and Eric Wilsey.

Knowing that there would be many boats on the water, we all spread out to lesser fished spots that we all know to find some fish that had not been "stuck".

Dick Hyde and Garret Kinney.


Guy Cromp and Ryan Smith.

We returned to the Boatyard at 1:30 and started the     weight-in.

Everyone starts to gather around for the weigh-in.

Ryan Smith wins the "Just out of the money" award, a new IM-8 rod, sponsored by Bass Pro  Award given by Dick Hyde from Bass Pro.

Treasurer, Chris French awards the prize money.

Frank Doll takes 5th place.

Dick Hyde take 4th place.

Lance Barnes takes 3rd place.

2nd place goes to Jack Loughery.

1st place is "Coach" Bill Kays.

Bill Kays is the winner.

Congratulations   "Coach"

Dick Hyde from Bass Pro presents the Bass Pro Big Bass Award to "Coach"

Bass Pro has generously donated a $25 gift card for the "Lunker" award. Bill Kays wins this award this week with a 3.39 pound smallmouth bass.

How did Bill do it?

Bill worked the weed beds all along the west end of the lake with a Venom "Salty Sling" worm that he customized by dipping one end into a dye. He rigged the worm on a Mustad 5/0 red hook, "whacky" style.