Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Duck Lake

Sunday May 18th,  2008

Duck lake is a small lake in the western part of Cayuga County, in Conquest N.Y.  We used the Duck Lake Campground launch. The surface area of the lake is 213 acres, with a maximum depth of 14'.

Boats on the water ready to start fishing.

This tournament is a "paper" tournament. where we catch, measure and release our fish. We launched at 7:00 a.m. and fish for 6 hours, returning to the dock at 1:00 p.m.

Dick Hyde and Ron "V" are the starters.

"Coach" Bill Kays camps out over deep water in the bay.

Even though we measure our fish on the water and the winner is determined by total inches for the 5 biggest bass, we convert the inches into weight by using the New York State DEC's weigh your fish using a ruler web site.  

Chad Acome and Shawn Potlaski

Dick Hyde and Ron VanBenschoten

It was a cool, cloudy day with some rain, but we all enjoyed ourselves doing what we like to do------fish.

Tom Church and Mike O'Hora

Notice Tom's support of breast cancer with the pink ribbon on his boat. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom and his wife Anne.

Jack Loughery and Guy Cromp

Kevin Hamon and Frank Doll

Then in the middle of the lake, there is a nice bay and deep water and weeds to work if that is your cup of tea. 

Connell Raate and Jack Wilson

Connell shows off a 18 3/4"  (3 pound 13oz) bass

Paul Hudson and John Musenga

John Musenga shows off a 14 1/4" (1 pound 9 oz) fish.

Guy Cromp "de-waters" Tom Hudson

Just a quick note now on our club being a "learning club". This is Guy's second year as a member.  Last year he could not even begin to back up a boat, but with help from our members, Guy can now help launch and retrieve the boats.  He is not a truck driver yet, but he has come a LONG way over the last year.

Anglers start to congregate for the awards.

Big Bass is shared between Dave Donhauser and Chad Acome

The Bass Pro Big Bass Award is shared by Dave Donhauser and Chad Acome. Both of them had a 19" bass. ( 3 pound 15 oz) They split the BB money.

Tom Hudson and Dick Hyde share the award, ( tie with 70" )

The "Bass Pro just out of the money" award which is IM-8 graphic fishing rods, is won by Tom Hudson and Dick Hyde. They finished tied with 70 inches each for 5 fish in 6th place and because both of them have enough fishing rods, they passed the rod down to another club member.


Fifth place is won by Jack Loughery with 71.25"  ( 8 pounds)

Fourth place went to "Coach" Bill Kays with 74.75" (9.13 pounds)

Third place is won by Dave Donhauser with 78"  (10.88 pounds)

Second place went to Connell Raate with 83.5" (13.31 pounds)

And first place goes to Chad Acome with 83.75" (13.31 pounds)

Congratulations Chad.

How did Chad do it?

Chad worked along the shore all along both ends of the lake with a green pumpkin Venom tube rigged on a Mustad 4/0 hook both of which can be purchased at Bass Pro.