Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Duck Lake

Saturday, July 7th  2007

Duck lake is a small lake in the western part of Cayuga County, in Conquest N.Y. . We used the Duck Lake Campground launch.


Boats are ready to leave launch site.      Vern Robinson and Eric Wilsey ready to head out.

The surface area of the lake is 213 acres, with a maximum depth of 14'.


Tom Hudson and John Nye.                     Connell Raate and Ryan Fluent

It was just another great day to be fishing. Although there was a 15 to 25 mph NW wind making fishing hard on most lakes, Duck Lake being so small, non of the boats or fishermen had any problems fishing because of the wind.


Dick Hyde and Jack Wilson                        Jack Loughery and Guy Cromp 

As you can see from the above pictures, both the north and south end of the lake is covered with lily pads.


Chad Acome and Lance Barnes                  Bill Kays and Garrett Kinney

Then in the middle of the lake, there is a nice bay and deep water and weeds to work if that is your cup of tea. 

Brad Rogers and Chris French.

And being only 14' deep, you can even catch fish in the middle of the lake.

The local campers and the club members mingle during weigh-in.

We fished 7 hours, pulled the boats and started the weigh-in. This was a "team" tournament for our club, meaning that the two fishermen in the boat were fishing for the best 5 fish, therefore we only paid the top 3 positions.

Chris Cartwright and Paul Hudson ( Dick Hyde from Bass Pro. presents the rods.)

The "Bass Pro just out of the money" award which is IM-8 graphic fishing rods, this week is won by Chris Cartwright and Paul Hudson. They finished in 4th place and both team members receive a fishing rod of their choice.


Vern Robinson and Eric Wilsey

Third place went to the team of Vern Robinson and Eric Wilsey.

Dave Donhauser and Frank Doll

Second place went to the team of Dave Donhauser and Frank Dowd

Ryan Smith and Brooks Wright

And first place goes to the team of Ryan Smith and Brooks Wright.

Congratulations Ryan and Brooks.

Big Bass Award, Brooks Wright and Ryan Smith

Bass Pro has generously donated a $25 gift card for the "Lunker" award. The team of Brooks Wright and Ryan Smith  wins this award this week with a 3.77 pound largemouth.

How did Ryan and Brooks do it?

The team worked the lily pads all along both ends of the lake with a yellow frog, missing many fish but ending up the the winning weight and the big fish of the day.