Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Cross Lake

Sunday, June 12th  2011

This is our first points tournament this year.  Because we are still in the "catch and release" season, this has to be a paper tournament where we catch the fish, measure it and then release it.

Boats are getting in the water.

Then when we return to the dock, every angler enters his best 5 measured fish and the computer figures out how much  each fish weighs by it's length, totals the weight, and then puts the angler into his placement.

Dick Hyde and Dave Donhauser.

Today was a great day for fishing.  Rain, light wind, cloudy, but the fish had changed what they were feeding on since most of us had practiced during the week.

Connell Raate and Jeff Botting somewhere in the lake.

Guy Cromp and Evan Interlichia go pass.

The members spread out all over the lake and river to find fish.

Paul Hudson shows us one of his fish before he releases it.

We returned to the marina at 1:00 p.m. and started the weight-in.

The members gather around.

The tournament committee is set up and ready to award the prizes.

Dick Hyde wins the "Just out of the money" award, a gift card sponsored by Bass Pro .

Bass Pro has generously donated a $25 gift card for the "Lunker" award. Tom Church wins this award this week with a 20" largemouth, paper weight of 4.62 pounds.

5th place goes to Paul Hudson with a paper weight of 9.501 pounds.

Bill Kays takes 4th place with a paper weight of 9.95 pounds.

Ron VanBenschoten takes 3rd place with a paper weight of 10.876 pounds.

Joe Valerio takes 2nd place with a paper weight of 11.171 pounds.

And Bill Peck is the winner with a paper weight of 14.764 pounds.

Congratulations Bill, You processed the information given you and it paid off..

Now, how did Bill do it.

Bill stated that he, like everyone else, was trying to figure out what the fish wanted until he grabbed a 4 inch Berkley Jigger Craw, (available at Bass Pro in Auburn) rigged texas style.

 The interesting thing was that it had to be a 4 inch craw, (the three inch ones were not working) and it had to be the above color, green pumpkin.  Bill and some of the other members had tried other colors and sizes but only this size and color was working.  Also Bill says that he had to move the craw along the bottom real slow in 4 to 10 feet of water.