Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Cross Lake

Saturday, June 19th  2010

This is our second year fishing this lake. The Cross Lake Marina, which had been closed for the last few years, is now open and ready for business.

Boats are getting in the water.

Dick Hyde has found bananas again.


Today was a great day for everything except fishing.  Lots of sun, light wind, but the fish were not biting very well.

Joe Valero and Duane Poole somewhere in the lake.

Chris Cartwright and Kevin Haley.

With the heavy rain the last two weeks, the water had turned muddy in many places making the bass harder to catch in those places. 

Connell Raate and Dominick Maio.

The members spread out all over the lake and river to find fish.

Tom Zedick and Mike Dixon.

Jack Wilson III. (His partner did not show up)

We returned to the marina at 1:00 p.m. and started the weight-in.

The table is set up and fish start to arrive.

The tournament committee is set up and ready for fish.

Dick Hyde wins the "Just out of the money" award, a gift card sponsored by Bass Pro     This award was given by Joe Valerio.

Dick Hyde from Bass Pro presents the Bass Pro Big Bass Award to Ron

Bass Pro has generously donated a $25 gift card for the "Lunker" award. Ron VanBenschoten wins this award this week with a 4.07 pound largemouth bass.

Joe Valerio awards the 5th place prize to Tom Hudson

5th place goes to Tom Hudson.

Tom Hudson award the prize to Joe

Joe Valerio takes 4th place.

Joe and Dominick

Dominick Maio takes 3rd place.

2nd place goes to Ron "V".

Ron VanBenschoten takes 2nd place.

1st place goes too Guy Cromp.

And Guy Cromp is the winner.

Congratulations Guy.  Lots of practice paid off for you.