Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York



Club Classic 2010

Oneida Lake

October 9th and 10th

Ron VanBenschoten starts off strong and walks away with the classic.

Mornings are always beautiful when you're fishing

Saturday, October 9th

We launched from the state launch at Godfrey Point. It was a cold morning with a light west wind, so by the time we all go launched it was 7 AM.


Bill Kays and Bill Peck on the water   

The wind picked up all day. By 9:00 a.m. there was a steady 15 mph west wind.

The scales are set up and the weigh-in begins for the first day weights.

Nice fish T.J.

T.J. Church wins the Big Bass award for the first day with a smallmouth weighing in at 4.15 pounds

At the end of the day

Ron VanBenschoten worked his magic and while fishing a rattle trap in 4 foot of water caught 14.84 lbs.. 

Andy Sanefski was in a solid second place with 14.70 lbs..

and Lance Barnes was in third with 12.97 lbs.


Sunday, October 10th 2010

2nd day of Classic

Oneida Shores Launch

Our starting air temp. was in the mid 40's, and the wind had settled down overnight.  

Fall was in the air

Cold engines and warm water.

The wind stayed down all day so that fishing was a lot easer.

Ron went back to his "honey hole" and started in catching fish again. 

Connell and Jack "looking for fish"

Being a two day event, on Sunday the weights from both days are added together to determine the winner.

Andy shows off a couple of his bass.

Andy Sanefski wins the Big Bass for the 2nd day with a 3.40 smallmouth.

After all is done, here is the standings for the classic.

Joe Valero take the Bass Pro, Just out of the Money award, a $25 gift card from Bass Pro.

T.J. Church takes 5th place with 22.96 pounds

Bill Peck takes 4th place with a total of 23.82 pounds.

Lance Barnes takes 3rd place with a total of 25.57 pounds.

Ron VanBenschoten takes 2nd place with a total of 26.73 pounds.

And Andy Sanefski wins with a total of 29.71 pounds.

You earned it Andy.  Great catch in tuff conditions.


So for the year, here are the final standings.

Ron VanBenschoten wins "Angler of the Year" on the boater side.

Congratulations Ron.  Your fished hard all year to win this and it paid off.

T.J. Church wins "Angler of the Year" on the non-boater side.

T.J.    Good work, you deserve it.

The following members have won entry into the NYS BASS Federation CTC to be held next August.

Boaters are = Ron VanBenschoten, Lance Barnes, and Joe Valero

Non-Boaters are = T.J. Church, Andy Sanefski and Bill Peck.

Alternates are Bill Kays and Fred Chilluffo.