Good Ole Boys Bass Club


Central New York




2010 Mountain Goat Run


This year our junior club was asked to man the water stations for the Mountain Goat Run held in Syracuse, and of course us senior club members were there to support our juniors.

Their are 6 practice weeks before the actual run in May. The first three weeks our juniors would set up the first water stop on Onondaga Ave to "water" the runners as they went out on the run.  Then we would move to Kirk Park to give them a second stop on the way back in.  The next three weeks we will set up in a couple of different places.

Below is some of the pictures from two of the weeks.


Ready for the runners.

Here they come

A quick sip

There is ice in the water (Yes, because it's 17 degrees this morning)

Looking good

Next week its in the 80"s

It's hot so we have lots of takers

Fill them fast boys.

For more information and pictures, click on our Junior Bass Club site.