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Fish Line Recycling Conservation Project 2013

Fish Line Recycling Project


  Over the past several years our club has erected fish line recycling tubes over a 4 county area surrounding Syracuse, NY. Fish Line Recycling tube location

We have approx. 18 tubes set up at various locations marked in red.

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Water Chestnut Weed Pull, August 5 – 14th, 2013

Water Chestnut Weed Pull

Oneida Lake

August 5 - 14th, 2013

Every year Salt City Bassmasters has conducted their conservation project.  The project consists of manually pulling water chestnuts from the water.

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Ontario Lake Small Mouth Bass Feeding Study: June 8th, 2013

Small Mouth Bass

Feeding Study

Ontario Lake

Saturday 8 June, 2013

Barb Elliott, Conservation Director with the NYS Bass Federation, arranged with the USGS (United States Geological Survey) for bass anglers to assist in a feeding study of the small mouth bass in Lake Ontario.

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Oak Orchard Rd and Oneida River Clean-up

Oak Orchard Rd &

Oneida River Clean-up

Town of Clay, NY

Sat. 20 April 2013

Every year our Jr. Bass Club, it's advisers, parents, and members of our Sr. Club participate in an earth day clean-up.

We once again targeted an area that receives a lot of traffic from cars, fisherman, and boaters.

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Fish Line Recycling

One of our key conservation projects is the fish line recycling project that we started 4 years ago.  We have approx. 20 different locations that we check on a regular basis.  The fishing line is sent to Berkley to be made into fishing habitat for young fish.  The trash and recyclables that are found are disposed of properly.

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